Architecture and Design: Table of contents



Title Abstract
OSB components and deployment Internal OSB architecture and deployment of OSB based applications
Class abstraction OSB library concept in terms of classes
Status of entities Status of contract related entities and configuration status
Tariff System Tariff systems: rating of network usage
Distance sensitive rating OSB support for rating based on origin and destination
Integration with other systems Integration strategies of OSB with other systems using billing as example
Principles of billing Rules and principles of the OSB billing process
Flow of usage records Handling of network usage records by OSB
Principles of rating Rules and principles of the OSB rating process
Settlement's Rating Rating requirements for settlement agreements
Rating: Usage scenarios Network usage scenarios and OSB expectations with respect to CDR generation
Principles of interconnect settlement Handling interconnect agreements, OSB library support functionality


Title Abstract
Balance sheets and pages Invoices of a contract
Tariff catalogue Manager of all tariff objects:
tariff systems, service classes, tariff class, tariff periods and tariffs