Upgrade guide

This document describes the upgrade to a newer OSB release.


Each upgrade of OSB consists of the following steps:

The guide assumes that OSB is installed as described in the installation guide.
However you should keep in mind that until the last step the environment variable $OSBHOME points to the current (old) OSB installation.

Download and unpack

1. Login as user osbadmin and download the latest OSB release into the directory ~/shipment.

2. Test the integrity of the downloaded archive, the output of the 2 UNIX commands should be the same:

$ cd ~/shipment

$ cksum OSB_050811.linux.tgz; cat OSB_050811.linux.cksum

> 1525186228 30601772 OSB_050811.linux.tgz

> 1525186228 30601772 OSB_050811.linux.tgz

3. Unpack the shipment:

$ cd ~/install

$ gunzip -c ../shipment/OSB_050811.linux.tgz | tar xvf -

> OSB_050811/
> OSB_050811/bin/
> OSB_050811/bin/billing
> OSB_050811/bin/cdrbrowser
> OSB_050811/bin/conversion
> OSB_050811/bin/rating
> ... [snipped]

4. Verify if you need to upgrade the ACE+TAO libraries:
If the checksum file of the old installed version differs from the latest version you should download and install ACE+TAO.

Database upgrade

The scripts for the database migration are located in ~/install/OSB_050811/database/delta.

The SQL scripts start with a sequential number and must be run in ascending order.
Each script registers itself in the table OSB_DB_CONTROL and updates the column SUCCESS to yes if it completes.
The registration will fail and the script will exit with an error if it was run previously (whether with successful or not!).

1. Determine the scipts to run

Get the last entry from the database:

$ sqlplus osb/osb@osbdb

SQL> select * from OSB_DB_CONTROL order by SCRIPT;

---------------------- ------- ------------------
001_dbcontrol.sql      yes     07-Mar-05 23:26:19
002_osbadmin.sql       yes     07-Mar-05 23:26:19
... [snipped]
018_config.sql         yes     06-May-05 15:34:46

2. Configure the scripts

The header of each migration script provides installations hints in the section Customisation, e.g.

-- ************************************************************************
-- ABSTRACT: New GUI module OSB administration
-- AUTHOR(S): Stephan Broennimann (vb)
-- RCS information
-- $Name:  $
-- $Revision: 1.3 $
-- Description:
-- o Create an entry OSB administration in OSB_MODULES.
-- o New grants for role OSB_ADMIN.
-- Customisation:
-- = Some users should get access to OSB adminstration:
--   use the WEB application User admin or manually insert
-- = These users may change their OSB configuration file
--   for automatic login.
-- Restrictions:
-- - N/A


3. Run each script

Installation of the WEB applications

Symbolic links