OSB Library Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
OSB_APP::AppBaseErrorAppBaseError, abstract base class for all application errors
OSB_APP::AppErrorAppError, error messages and warnings of OSB application
OSB_APP::AppErrorsContainer for OSB_LIB::AppError
OSB_APP::AppExceptionAppException, exceptions of OSB application
OSB_APP::ArgListUtility class to expand command line arguments
OSB_APP::ArgsBaseEvaluate and store command line parameters: base class
OSB_APP::FileLockLogLocked logging to a file
OSB_APP::FileLogUnlocked logging to a file
OSB_APP::FileLogBaseLogging to a file: base class
OSB_APP::LockLogLocked logging to a file
OSB_APP::ThreadBaseWrapper around a POSIX thread

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