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Base class for servants of CORBA interfaces DevicePart and DevicePartWriter.

Definition at line 64 of file devicepart_i.h.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

OSB_CORBA::DevicePartBase_i::DevicePartBase_i (  ) 

Empty default constructor.

OSB_CORBA::DevicePartBase_i::DevicePartBase_i ( const DevicePartBase_i  )  [private]

Prevent copying: not implemented.

Member Function Documentation

corba::dvc::DeviceType OSB_CORBA::DevicePartBase_i::deviceType (  )  throw (OsbCorbaException)

Get the device type.

virtual const OSB_LIB::DeviceItem* OSB_CORBA::DevicePartBase_i::getDeviceItem ( const ProductPartBase_i::NodeRg guard,
const std::string &  ifc,
const std::string &  fct 
) const throw (OsbCorbaException) [protected, pure virtual]

Protected read access to the device item.

A pointer to the device item.

Implemented in OSB_CORBA::DevicePart_i, and OSB_CORBA::DevicePartWriter_i.

DevicePartBase_i& OSB_CORBA::DevicePartBase_i::operator= ( const DevicePartBase_i  )  [private]

Prevent assignment: not implemented.

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