OSB Library File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
accessnumber_i.h [code]Servant implementation of access number idl
address_i.h [code]Servant implementaion of address.idl
anclist_i.h [code]Servant implementation of anclist.idl
associate_i.h [code]Servant implementation of associate.idl
balancesheet_i.h [code]Servant implementation of balancesheet.idl
cadminapp.h [code]Contract administration: support for the main application
caglobal.h [code]Contract administration: globals
caprocstatreq.h [code]Forward a status request to RQ server for processing
chargetraits_i.h [code]Contains utility functions
contract_i.h [code]Servant implementation of contract.idl
contractadmin-server.h [code]Contract Administration Server
contractadmin_i.h [code]Servant implementation of contractadmin.idl
corba_nwaddress.h [code]Conversion utilities between corba::nwaddr and OSB_LIB::NwAddress
corba_service.h [code]Conversion utilities between corba::service and OSB_LIB::ServiceElement
corba_status.h [code]Conversion between CORBA and OSB_LIB status related classes
corba_utility.h [code]Utility functions support for corba server implementations
corbacontext.h [code]Contains common functionalities required in server applications
corbalog.h [code]Contains helper functions for debugging
device_i.h [code]CORBA servant for interfaces Device and DeviceWriter
devicepart_i.h [code]Servants for CORBA interfaces DevicePart and DevicePartWriter
dvcbase_i.h [code]Servant for CORBA interface Device
dvcrsrcmgr_i.h [code]Servant for CORBA interface DvcRsrcMgr
e164part_i.h [code]Servants for corba::pcat::pp::E164Part and corba::pcat::pp::E164PartWriter
e164resource_i.h [code]CORBA servant for corba::res::E164Resource
ip4address_i.h [code]Servant implementation of IP4 address idl
ipgroup_i.h [code]Servant implementation of IP group idl
network_i.h [code]Servant implementation of network idl
networkadmin-server.h [code]Network Administration Server
networkelement_i.h [code]Servant implementation of networkelement idl
networkmanager_i.h [code]Servant implementation of networkmanager.idl
numberanalyzer_i.h [code]Servant implementation of numberanalyzer.idl
osbadmin-server.h [code]Osb Administration Server
osbadmin_i.h [code]Servant implementation for OsbAdmin CORBA interface
osbuser_i.h [code]Servant implementation for User CORBA interface
osbusermgr_i.h [code]Servant implementation for PrivilegeManager CORBA interface
persdevice_i.h [code]Devices as part of pers. products
persproditem_i.h [code]Servant implementation of persproditem.idl
persprodnode_i.h [code]Servant implementation of persprodnode.idl
persproduct_i.h [code]Servant implementation of persproduct.idl
plpart_i.h [code]Servant implementation of plpart.idl
pricelist_i.h [code]Servant implementation for the CORBA interfaces defined in pricelist.idl
product_i.h [code]Servant implementation of product.idl
productadmin-server.h [code]Poduct Administration Server
productcatalogue_i.h [code]Servant implementation of Productcatalogue.idl
productpart_i.h [code]Servant implementation of productpart.idl
reqserver_i.h [code]Servant for RequestServer CORBA interface
resource_i.h [code]Servants for corba::res::Resource and corba::res::ResourceWriter interfaces
rqsapp.h [code]Request server: support for the main application
rqsglobal.h [code]Interface for RQS (request server) globals
rqsthread.h [code]Back-end thread to process all pending status requests
rqsutils.h [code]Free utility functions for the RQ server
servantlocators.h [code]Servant locators declaration
servicepart_i.h [code]Servant implementation of servicepart.idl
tariffcatalogue_i.h [code]Servant implementation of tariffcatalogue.idl
trunkgroup_i.h [code]Servant implementation of trunkgroup.idl
trunkresource_i.h [code]Servant implementation of trunk resource idl
tspart_i.h [code]Servant implementation of tspart.idl
uimbase_i.h [code]Servant for CORBA interface UimCard: base class
uimcard_i.h [code]Servants for CORBA interfaces UimCard and UimCardWriter
uimcardinfo.h [code]Servant for CORBA interface UimCard: read-only version
utf8string.h [code]Helper functions to handle the Utf8String type

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