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Writer class of PricelistCfg_i.

Definition at line 366 of file pricelist_i.h.

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OSB_CORBA::PricelistCfgWriter_i::PricelistCfgWriter_i ( ProductCatalogue_i pcati,
const OSB_LIB::PricelistCfg plCfg 


Makes a private writable copy of PricelistCfg.

pcati Product catalogue servant.
plCfg Pointer to the PricelistCfg object.

virtual OSB_CORBA::PricelistCfgWriter_i::~PricelistCfgWriter_i (  )  [virtual]


Destroys the private writable copy of PricelistCfg.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void OSB_CORBA::PricelistCfgWriter_i::commitChanges ( CORBA::Boolean  noWait  )  throw (CORBA::SystemException, OsbCorbaException) [virtual]

Commits the changes made to the pricelistCfg.

noWait Set to true, if waiting is desired when lock on database session is already acquired by others. If waiting is not desired, set flag to true.
  • in case any database error occurs. TODO:
documentation to be change after implementation.

OSB_LIB::OnetimeChargeDef& OSB_CORBA::PricelistCfgWriter_i::getOtcDef (  )  throw (OsbCorbaException) [private]

virtual void OSB_CORBA::PricelistCfgWriter_i::setCharge ( CORBA::Double  charge  )  throw (CORBA::SystemException, OsbCorbaException) [virtual]

Sets amount to charge.

charge Amount to charge.
  • in case OnetimeChargeDef could not be added to PricelistCfg successfully.

virtual void OSB_CORBA::PricelistCfgWriter_i::setChargeTraitsId ( const ChargeTraitsId &  id  )  throw (CORBA::SystemException, OsbCorbaException) [virtual]

Sets the charge traits identifer.

id Charge traits id.
  • in case OnetimeChargeDef could not be added to PricelistCfg successfully.

Member Data Documentation

double OSB_CORBA::PricelistCfgWriter_i::charge_ [private]

Charge amount.

Definition at line 443 of file pricelist_i.h.

OSB_LIB::ChargeTraits::Oid OSB_CORBA::PricelistCfgWriter_i::ctOid_ [private]

Charge traits id.

Definition at line 441 of file pricelist_i.h.

const std::string OSB_CORBA::PricelistCfgWriter_i::IFC [static]

Reimplemented from OSB_CORBA::PricelistCfg_i.

Definition at line 372 of file pricelist_i.h.

OSB_LIB::PricelistCfg* OSB_CORBA::PricelistCfgWriter_i::plCfg_ [private]

PricelistCfg (private copy).

Definition at line 439 of file pricelist_i.h.

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