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Definition at line 601 of file persproditem_i.h.

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OSB_CORBA::PersAnItemWriter_i::PersAnItemWriter_i ( ContractAdmin_i cadmin,
PersProductWriter_i ppServant,
const OSB_LIB::ProductNode pn,
std::auto_ptr< OSB_LIB::PersProductItem ppi 
) throw (OsbCorbaException)

OSB_CORBA::PersAnItemWriter_i::~PersAnItemWriter_i (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

virtual BasicResInfo* OSB_CORBA::PersAnItemWriter_i::accessNumber ( const OSB_LIB::AccessNumber an  )  [virtual]

Utility function to convert a OSB_LIB AccessNumber to the BasicResInfo struct is OSB_CORBA namespace.

an OSB_LIB AccessNumber.

virtual BasicResSeq* OSB_CORBA::PersAnItemWriter_i::anList (  )  throw () [virtual]

Return list of available access numbers.

virtual BasicResInfo* OSB_CORBA::PersAnItemWriter_i::aNum (  )  throw (OsbCorbaException) [virtual]

Return access number configured.

void OSB_CORBA::PersAnItemWriter_i::checkConfig (  )  throw (OsbCorbaException) [virtual]

Check if pers access number is configured properly before it is being saved or created in the database.

A configured pers access number is considered valid only if a resource has been assigned to the pers access number.

OsbCorbaException if configuration is not valid.

Implements OSB_CORBA::PersProdItemWriter_i.

OSB_LIB::PersAn* OSB_CORBA::PersAnItemWriter_i::persAn (  )  throw (OsbCorbaException)

Cast and return a PPI to a PersAnItem.

virtual CORBA::Boolean OSB_CORBA::PersAnItemWriter_i::setAn ( const ResourceId &  id  )  throw (OsbCorbaException) [virtual]

Assign access number to personalised access number item.

Member Data Documentation

const std::string OSB_CORBA::PersAnItemWriter_i::IFC [static]

Reimplemented from OSB_CORBA::PersResource_i.

Definition at line 607 of file persproditem_i.h.

OSB_LIB::ResourceLists* OSB_CORBA::PersAnItemWriter_i::resList_ [private]

List of available access number items.

The list is required in order to retrieve an access number object when assigning an access number.

Definition at line 661 of file persproditem_i.h.

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