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Servant for CORBA interface UimCard: base class.

Definition at line 63 of file uimbase_i.h.

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typedef OSB_LIB::ReadGuard<OSB_LIB::UimCard*> OSB_CORBA::UimCardBase_i::UimCardRg [protected]

Short-head for a read guard to a (library) UIM card.

Definition at line 134 of file uimbase_i.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

OSB_CORBA::UimCardBase_i::UimCardBase_i ( OSB_LIB::Device::Oid  dvcId,
Locators srvtLoc 

Constructor with device id and servant locator to use.

Member Function Documentation

Utf8String* OSB_CORBA::UimCardBase_i::iccId (  )  throw (OsbCorbaException)

Integrated Circuit Card IDentifier.

The 18 to 20-digit serial number of the UIM card.

Utf8String* OSB_CORBA::UimCardBase_i::imsi (  )  throw (OsbCorbaException)

IMSI of the UIM card.

This is International Mobile Subscriber Identity attached to the UIM card.

corba::res::ResourceId OSB_CORBA::UimCardBase_i::imsiId (  )  throw (OsbCorbaException)

Id of the card's IMSI.

ReadGuard OSB_CORBA::UimCardBase_i::lock (  )  const [protected, virtual]

Read lock the device.

Implements OSB_CORBA::Device_i.

virtual UimCardRg OSB_CORBA::UimCardBase_i::lockUim (  )  const [protected, pure virtual]

Read lock the UIM card.

Implemented in OSB_CORBA::UimInfo_i, OSB_CORBA::UimCard_i, and OSB_CORBA::UimCardWriter_i.

Utf8String* OSB_CORBA::UimCardBase_i::pin1 (  )  throw (OsbCorbaException)

The card PIN1 as received from the card vendor.

Utf8String* OSB_CORBA::UimCardBase_i::pin2 (  )  throw (OsbCorbaException)

The card PIN2 as received from the card vendor.

Utf8String* OSB_CORBA::UimCardBase_i::puk1 (  )  throw (OsbCorbaException)

The Personal Unlock Key 1 of the card.

Utf8String* OSB_CORBA::UimCardBase_i::puk2 (  )  throw (OsbCorbaException)

The Personal Unlock Key 2 of the card.

Utf8String* OSB_CORBA::UimCardBase_i::uimId (  )  throw (OsbCorbaException)

Electronic identification number unique to the UIM card.

This is a up-to 14 hexadecimal digit string.

The UIM ID is unrelated to both the ICCID and to the ESN/MEID of any host equipment to which the UIM card may be attached (from 3GPP2 C.S0023-B).

Member Data Documentation

const std::string OSB_CORBA::UimCardBase_i::IFC [static]

Name of the interface.

Reimplemented from OSB_CORBA::Device_i.

Reimplemented in OSB_CORBA::UimCardWriter_i.

Definition at line 69 of file uimbase_i.h.

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