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Servant for CORBA interface Device.

Definition at line 67 of file dvcbase_i.h.

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Member Typedef Documentation

typedef OSB_LIB::ReadGuard<OSB_LIB::Device*> OSB_CORBA::Device_i::ReadGuard [protected]

Read lock to the device.

Definition at line 157 of file dvcbase_i.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum OSB_CORBA::Device_i::GuardStatus

Status of read and write guards.

success  Success, none of the other values.
lockFailed  Locking failed.
notFound  Device not found.

Definition at line 127 of file dvcbase_i.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

OSB_CORBA::Device_i::Device_i ( OSB_LIB::Device::Oid  dvcId,
Locators srvtLoc 

Constructor with device id and servant locator.

The constructor registers itself at srvtLoc and sets loctKey_.

virtual OSB_CORBA::Device_i::~Device_i (  )  [virtual]

Destructor: unregister from servant locator.

OSB_CORBA::Device_i::Device_i ( const Device_i  )  [private]

Prevent copying: not implemented.

Member Function Documentation

void OSB_CORBA::Device_i::destroy (  )  throw ()

Destroy the servant.

Just calls delete this; because we're using servant locators.

static DeviceStatus OSB_CORBA::Device_i::dvcStatus ( OSB_LIB::Device::Status   )  [static]

Convert OSB_LIB device status to CORBA.

static OSB_LIB::Device::Status OSB_CORBA::Device_i::dvcStatus ( DeviceStatus   )  [static]

Convert CORBA device status to OSB_LIB.

template<typename D>
const D & OSB_CORBA::Device_i::get ( const OSB_LIB::ReadGuard< D * > &  rg,
OSB_LIB::Device::Oid  dvcId 
) throw (OsbCorbaException) [static]

Get the device from a read guard.

rg Read guard to the locked device.
dvcId Object id of the device that should be locked.
The read-locked device.
  • if the device does not exist.
  • if the read lock failed.
  • if the read lock was lost.
  • if the device pointer is 0 although the guard indicates successful locking.

Definition at line 179 of file dvcbase_i.h.

DeviceId OSB_CORBA::Device_i::id (  )  throw (OsbCorbaException)

Unique id of the device.

virtual ReadGuard OSB_CORBA::Device_i::lock (  )  const [protected, pure virtual]

Read lock the device.

Implemented in OSB_CORBA::UimCardBase_i.

Locators::Key OSB_CORBA::Device_i::loctKey (  )  const

Get the servant locator key.

void OSB_CORBA::Device_i::operator= ( const Device_i  )  [private]

Prevent assignmet: not implemented.

corba::imgmt::PoolId OSB_CORBA::Device_i::poolId (  )  throw (OsbCorbaException)

The inventory pool of the device.

It is not set (0) if the device is not assigned to a pool.

DeviceStatus OSB_CORBA::Device_i::status (  )  throw (OsbCorbaException)

The status of the devive.

DeviceType OSB_CORBA::Device_i::type (  )  throw (OsbCorbaException)

Device type.

Member Data Documentation

OSB_LIB::Device::Oid OSB_CORBA::Device_i::dvcId_ [protected]

The object id of the device.

Definition at line 164 of file dvcbase_i.h.

const std::string OSB_CORBA::Device_i::IFC [static]

Name of the interface.

Reimplemented in OSB_CORBA::UimCardBase_i, OSB_CORBA::DeviceWriter_i, and OSB_CORBA::UimCardWriter_i.

Definition at line 70 of file dvcbase_i.h.

Locators::Key OSB_CORBA::Device_i::loctKey_ [private]

Servant locator key.

Definition at line 169 of file dvcbase_i.h.

Locators& OSB_CORBA::Device_i::srvtLoc_ [protected]

The servant locator to use.

Definition at line 166 of file dvcbase_i.h.

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