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Detailed Description

Dialog to display, create or edit an OSB user group.

Definition at line 66 of file privdlggrp.h.

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typedef OSB_LIB::Id<OSB_LIB::UserGroup> OSB_GUI::DlgUsrGrp::GrpId

A convenient short-hand.

Definition at line 69 of file privdlggrp.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

OSB_GUI::DlgUsrGrp::DlgUsrGrp ( QWidget parent = 0,
const char *  name = 0,
bool  modal = false,
WFlags  flags = 0 
) [explicit]

Constructor with Qt arguments.

Member Function Documentation

void OSB_GUI::DlgUsrGrp::accept (  )  [private]

Set usrGroup_ data from widgets and save to database.

int OSB_GUI::DlgUsrGrp::edit ( OSB_DB::Session session,
OSB_LIB::UserGroup usrGroup 

Create or edit a user group.

session Database session to use, transactions are committed.
usrGroup User group to edit or create.
The dialog execution code: the status of usrGroup is undefined if it is not QDialog::Accepted.

void OSB_GUI::DlgUsrGrp::languageChange (  ) 

Process a language change.

void OSB_GUI::DlgUsrGrp::setWidgets ( const OSB_LIB::UserGroup usrGroup,
bool  allowEdit 
) [private]

Set the widget for the user groups.

int OSB_GUI::DlgUsrGrp::show ( const OSB_LIB::UserGroup usrGroup  ) 

Display a user group.

usrGroup User group to display.
The dialog execution code.

Member Data Documentation

OSB_DB::Session* OSB_GUI::DlgUsrGrp::session_ [private]

The database session to use.

Definition at line 113 of file privdlggrp.h.

OSB_LIB::UserGroup* OSB_GUI::DlgUsrGrp::usrGroup_ [private]

The group being modified.

Definition at line 115 of file privdlggrp.h.

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