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Factory for associate.

The class create an associate of appropriate type based on the (hardcoded) type identifier of the associate class.

The class is purely static, no object of the class should be instantiated: The default and copy constructors are declared private and not implemented.

Definition at line 848 of file associate.h.

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OSB_LIB::AssociateFactory::AssociateFactory (  )  [private]

Prevent construction: not implemented.

OSB_LIB::AssociateFactory::AssociateFactory ( const AssociateFactory rhs  )  [private]

Prevent construction: not implemented.

Member Function Documentation

static Associate::AutoPtr OSB_LIB::AssociateFactory::create ( Associate::Type  type,
const Associate::Oid oid 
) [static]

Create an associate.

type Identifies the type of associate to create.
oid Object id of the new associate.
An auto pointer that owns a associate of the requested type. If the associate type is not supported, the pointer is 0.
The caller of the function should check the content of the returned auto pointer and take appropriate action (e.g. throw an exception) if it is 0.

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