OSB Library Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
OSB_LIB::AccessNumberAccess number resource
OSB_DB::AccessNumberGwInterface to table ACCESS_NUMBER
OSB_LIB::AccountAccount Structure
OSB_LIB::AccountArAccounting Interface integrate with AR
OSB_DB::AccountArGwDatabase Gateway to access data of AR
OSB_DB::AccountGwDatabase Gateway for ACCOUNT table
OSB_LIB::AccountImpAccounting Interface Implementation
OSB_LIB::AccountInterfaceAccounting Interface
OSB_LIB::AddressIn OSB an Associate can have one or many addresses
OSB_DB::AddressGwDatabase-gateway class for OSB_LIB::Address
OSB_LIB::AddressTypeInfoInformation about an address type
OSB_LIB::AddressTypeListProvide information about address type
OSB_LIB::AdvanceChargeStructure for advance charges
OSB_LIB::AmountAn Amount contains all information needed at billing time to process, well, an amount
OSB_LIB::AnCFilterFilter to search associates and contracts
OSB_LIB::AnCListManager for associate list and contract list
OSB_LIB::AnCList::AssocReadFailedException if reading an associate fails
OSB_LIB::AnCList::ContractReadFailedException if reading a contract fails
OSB_LIB::AnCList::PpReadFailedException if a pers. product is not found in the database
OSB_LIB::AnItemProduct item for access number resources
OSB_LIB::ApplicableTaxesManage tax reference data
OSB_DB::ApplTaxesGwDatabase-gateway for applicable taxes
OSB_LIB::Asn1BufferBuffer to store encoded data of one ASN.1 type
OSB_LIB::Asn1BufferCacheCache for Asn1Buffer
OSB_LIB::Asn1DataDecoderAbstract base class for decoders of ASN.1 primitive types
OSB_LIB::Asn1DataEncoderAbstract base class for decoders of ASN.1 primitive types
OSB_LIB::Asn1DecoderAbstract base class for decoders of ASN.1 constructed types
OSB_LIB::Asn1DesParserParser for ASN.1 tag descriptions
OSB_LIB::Asn1DesParser::ErrorException class for ASN.1 description parse errors
OSB_LIB::Asn1DistInfoConvert ASN.1 to tariff class info (distance sensitive rating) in UsedService
OSB_LIB::Asn1EncoderAbstract base class for encoders of ASN.1 constructed types
OSB_LIB::Asn1InfoProvide information about ASN.1 data
OSB_LIB::Asn1InputInfoInformation about ASN.1 input files
OSB_LIB::Asn1Int2LongConvert ASN.1 integer to long
OSB_LIB::Asn1LenASN.1 length of type data
OSB_LIB::Asn1PrintConvert ASN.1 data to (meaningful) strings
OSB_LIB::Asn1Print::AddStructure to add a decoder function to Asn1Print
OSB_LIB::Asn1Print::InfoOne entry in the decoder list
OSB_LIB::Asn1ReaderRead and manage ASN.1 data
OSB_LIB::Asn1String2StringConvert ASN.1 string to std::string
OSB_LIB::Asn1TagASN.1 tag: Type identifier of encoded data
OSB_LIB::Asn1TagDesInformation about ASN.1 tags
OSB_LIB::Asn1ToCdrConvert ASN.1 encoded data into Cdr
OSB_LIB::Asn1ToChargeDetailConvert ASN.1 encoded data into ChargeDetail
OSB_LIB::Asn1ToChargeDetailsConvert ASN.1 encoded data into ChargeDetails
OSB_LIB::Asn1ToDateTimeConvert ASN.1 encoded data into DateTime
OSB_LIB::Asn1ToDecimalConvert ASN.1 encoded data into Decimal
OSB_LIB::Asn1ToExtChargeConvert ASN.1 encoded data to ExternalCharge
OSB_LIB::Asn1ToExtChargeInfoConvert ASN.1 encoded data into ExtChargeInfo
OSB_LIB::Asn1ToExtChargeListConvert ASN.1 encoded data to list of ExternalCharge
OSB_LIB::Asn1ToExtTaxConvert ASN.1 encoded data to ExternalTax
OSB_LIB::Asn1ToExtTaxListConvert ASN.1 encoded data to list of ExternalCharge
OSB_LIB::Asn1ToIdConvert ASN.1 to Id<T>
OSB_LIB::Asn1ToId2Convert ASN.1 to Id2<T>
OSB_LIB::Asn1ToMoneyInfoConvert ASN.1 encoded data into MoneyInfo
OSB_LIB::Asn1ToMoneyInfoListConvert ASN.1 encoded data into MoneyInfoList
OSB_LIB::Asn1ToNwAddressConvert ASN.1 encoded data into NwAddress
OSB_LIB::Asn1ToOrigCountConvert ASN.1 encoded data into OrigCount
OSB_LIB::Asn1ToOrigCountListConvert ASN.1 encoded data into OrigCountList
OSB_LIB::Asn1ToOsbErrArgsConvert ASN.1 encoded data into OsbError arguments
OSB_LIB::Asn1ToOsbErrorConvert ASN.1 encoded data into OsbError
OSB_LIB::Asn1ToOsbErrorsConvert ASN.1 encoded data into OsbErrors
OSB_LIB::Asn1ToRatedPartyConvert ASN.1 encoded data into RatedParty
OSB_LIB::Asn1ToRawCdrConvert ASN.1 encoded data into RawCdr
OSB_LIB::Asn1ToResourceConvert ASN.1 encoded data into RatedParty::resourceNumber
OSB_LIB::Asn1ToServedPartyConvert ASN.1 encoded data into ServedParty
OSB_LIB::Asn1ToServiceElementConvert ASN.1 encoded data into ServiceElement
OSB_LIB::Asn1ToServiceTupleConvert ASN.1 encoded data into ServiceTuple
OSB_LIB::Asn1ToTariffInfoConvert ASN.1 to tariff info in UsedService
OSB_LIB::Asn1ToUsedServiceConvert ASN.1 encoded data into UsedService
OSB_LIB::Asn1ToUsedServicesConvert ASN.1 encoded data into UsedServices
OSB_LIB::Asn1ToVs2Id2Convert ASN.1 tariff object version id into Id2<T>
OSB_LIB::Asn1WriterEncode an ASN.1 type and write to file
OSB_LIB::AsrAnswer Success Ratio(ASR) for the given period
OSB_DB::AsrGwDatabase gateway class for the table ASR
OSB_LIB::AsrProcessorGenerate ASR for a CDR
OSB_LIB::AssignableIp4Information about an IP4 address that can be assigned to an IP4 group
OSB_LIB::AssociateAbstract base class for OSB operator's business partners
OSB_LIB::AssociateFactoryFactory for associate
OSB_DB::AssociateGwDatabase-gateway class for Associate
OSB_LIB::AssociateInfoClass InfoItem
OSB_LIB::AssociateListManager of Associates
OSB_LIB::BackDatedObjectThis class hold information on the type and versions of tariff object that have been back-dated
OSB_DB::BackDatedObjectGwDatabase gateway for inserting and reading back-dated objects
OSB_LIB::BalanceSheetBalance sheet provides the estimated charges for a single contract
OSB_LIB::BalanceSheet::BillcycleInvalidInvalid billcyle of balance sheet
OSB_LIB::BalanceSheet::DeadlockDeadlock detected while waiting for lock
OSB_LIB::BalanceSheet::LockFailedLocking of balance sheet failed
OSB_LIB::BalanceSheet::NoOpenPageNo open page for a timestamp found
OSB_LIB::BalanceSheet::NotLockedBalance sheet not locked and database update requested
OSB_LIB::BalanceSheet::PageNotFoundBalance page not found
OSB_DB::BalanceSheetGwDatabase gateway for the class BalanceSheet and BsPage
OSB_LIB::BaseAmountBaseAmount is the base class for Amount and Subtotal. This way these two types can be used polymorphically. (E.g., a list of Amounts and Subtotals or a Subtotal of a Subtotal.)
OSB_LIB::BaseErrorBaseError, abstract base for all errors and exceptions
OSB_LIB::BillcycleAbstract base class for billcycles
OSB_DB::BillcycleGwBillcycleGw, database-gateway for Billcycle
OSB_LIB::BillcycleListManager of Billcycles
OSB_LIB::BillingXmlEnables various invoice items and their details to be written in XML format
OSB_LIB::BillingXmlBaseEnables various invoice items and their details to be written in XML format
OSB_DB::BillRunLogGwDatabase Gateway for BILLRUN_LOG table
OSB_LIB::BsPageStore the charges for one invoice of a Contract
OSB_LIB::BsPage::CdrRecoveryNeededRecovery of CDR is needed
OSB_LIB::BsPage::ChargesAssignedA try was made to delete a balance page that has charges assigned
OSB_LIB::BsPage::CommitCdrFailedFailed to commit writing of CDR files
OSB_LIB::BsPage::NoEndDateWhen closing the page in the database, the end date was not set
OSB_LIB::BsPage::NotFoundPage not found in database
OSB_LIB::BsPage::PageClosedA try was made to modify a closed balance page
OSB_LIB::BsPage::SetRecoveryFailedFailed to update recovery id in database
OSB_LIB::BsPage::UpdateUsageFailedFailed to update the usage in the database
OSB_LIB::BsStorageThis class handles the storing of cdrs
OSB_LIB::BsStorage::BsCdrsStructure to store balance sheets and their cdrs
OSB_LIB::BsStorage::ContainerIterIterate over all CDR container in a BsStorage::BsMap
OSB_LIB::BsTotal::SubTotalOne entry in the list of charges
OSB_LIB::CaCountsTiny wrapper to CaResultDef::CaCounts
OSB_LIB::CallAccountingTracks the processing result of CDR by OSB modules
OSB_DB::CallAccountingGwDatabase gateway for call accounting
OSB_LIB::CallBackAbstract base for call back objects
OSB_LIB::CalledPartyToCpMap Cdr::calledParty_ to ConnectionPt
OSB_LIB::CallingCardCalling card as a resource
OSB_DB::CallingCardGwDatabase gateway for calling card
OSB_LIB::CallingCardItemCalling card as product item
OSB_LIB::CallingPartyToCpMap Cdr::callingParty to ConnectionPt
OSB_LIB::CaModuleResultCall accounting result for one module
OSB_LIB::CaModuleResult::StreamInfoStructure to provide minimal stream information
OSB_LIB::CaResultDefCommon type definitions to browse call accounting results
OSB_LIB::CaResultsContainer for call accounting results
OSB_LIB::CaStreamResultStructure to get the call accounting result for one record stream
OSB_DB::CatLockGwDatabase gateway to CATALOGUE_LOCK table
OSB_LIB::CdrUsage data record as used within OSB
OSB_LIB::Cdr2Asn1Convert Cdr to ASN.1
OSB_LIB::Cdr::ServedPartyServed party
OSB_LIB::CdrInputFileSupport input of CDR in text format
OSB_LIB::CdrIoThis object is responsible to store and retrieve call details records from file system
OSB_LIB::CdrIoImplThis object is responsible to store and retrieve call details records from file system
OSB_LIB::CdrListWrapper around STL-container for OSB_LIB::Cdr
OSB_LIB::CdrOutputFileSupport output of Cdr, ASN.1, and text CDR to file
OSB_LIB::CdrPostProcessorClass CdrPostProcessor
OSB_LIB::CdrStorageBase class to handle CDR output of OSB modules
OSB_LIB::CdrStorage::StreamPendingException thrown by CdrStorage::beginStream() if the processing of a batch was not finished
OSB_LIB::CfgFilewin.ini like configuration file
OSB_LIB::CgiCell Global Identity (GSM) connections
OSB_DB::CgiGwDatabase interface of Cgi
OSB_LIB::CgiMapSupport efficient mapping CGI -> connection point
OSB_LIB::CgiMap::CiCgiMap internal only
OSB_LIB::CgiMap::LacCgiMap internal only
OSB_LIB::CgiMap::MccCgiMap internal only
OSB_LIB::CgiMap::MncCgiMap internal only
OSB_LIB::CgiToCpMap CGI's to connection points
OSB_LIB::ChargeDetailContains information of the charge
OSB_LIB::ChargeDetail2Asn1Convert ChargeDetail into ASN.1
OSB_LIB::ChargeDetails2Asn1Convert ChargeDetails into ASN.1
OSB_LIB::ChargeTraitsChargeTraits is a data classes holding relevant billing information for amounts or charges other than the actual value
OSB_DB::ChargeTraitsGwDatabase-gateway class for ChargeTraits
OSB_LIB::ChargeTraitsListManager of ChargeTraits
OSB_DB::ChildFoundException for foreign key violations: child records found
OSB_LIB::CloseFileAutomatically close a file if the object goes out of scope
OSB_DB::ConfigurationGwDatabase-gateway class for Configuration
OSB_LIB::ConnectionPtConnection points
OSB_DB::ConnectionPtGwDatabase interface for ConnectionPt
OSB_LIB::ConsoleLogDefault implementation of LogBase
OSB_LIB::ContractContract, network usage agreement
OSB_DB::ContractGwDatabase-gateway class for Contract
OSB_LIB::CountryInfoThis is just an infomation class contains the object identifier, name of the country, three letter alphabet code for this country and the international dialing E.164 code
OSB_DB::CountryInfoGwIt performs the fetch operation for the country info. It will fetch only one country info based on oid or fetch all the country info
OSB_LIB::CountryInfoListIt reads all the country info from the database and map to the E.164 number and to the object identifier. It returns the country info for the given object id or E.164 number
OSB_LIB::CpMapperAbstract base for all classes mapping to ConnectionPt
OSB_LIB::CpMapperFactoryCreate concrete objects of CpMapper
OSB_DB::CpMapperGwDatabase support for connection point mapping classes
OSB_LIB::CpMapperListProvide information about classes derived from CpMapper
OSB_LIB::CpMapperList::InfoStore information about a CpMapper class
OSB_LIB::CpParentInfo of the parent connection point
OSB_LIB::CpTreeManager of connection points
OSB_LIB::CreditItemCredit as product item
OSB_DB::CreditItemGwDatabase-gateway class for CreditItem
OSB_LIB::CtBaseAbstract base class for ChargeTraits and TaxTraits
OSB_LIB::CurrencyISO 4217:1995 Currency
OSB_LIB::CurrencyBookA set of ISO-defined or user-defined currencies
OSB_DB::CurrencyBookGwGateway for currencies
OSB_LIB::CustomerEnd user of products and services
OSB_LIB::Data2Asn1Encode any data to ASN.1
OSB_LIB::DateDate class
OSB_LIB::DateBillcycleA simple billcycle implementation
OSB_LIB::DateTimeSupport for timestamps (date and time)
OSB_LIB::DateTime2Asn1Convert OSB DateTime to ASN.1
OSB_LIB::DateTime::OffsetStructure to handle the offset of a DateTime from UTC
OSB_LIB::DayClassStore the info about day definition
OSB_DB::DayClassGwDatabase interface DayClass
OSB_DB::DbExceptionException for database errors
OSB_LIB::DecimalProvide non-integer numbers without rounding errors
OSB_LIB::Decimal2Asn1Convert the Decimal2Asn1 into ASN.1
OSB_LIB::DefExceptionDefault exception used in the OSB library
OSB_LIB::DescriptionItemDescriptive product item
OSB_LIB::DeviceDevices: equipment and articles with a serial number
OSB_DB::DeviceGwDatabase gateway to DEVICE
OSB_LIB::DeviceItemDevices as part of products
OSB_DB::DeviceItemGwDatabase interface for OSB_LIB::DeviceItem
OSB_LIB::DeviceTypeConversion between Device::Type and enumerated values
OSB_LIB::DistInfo2Asn1Convert distance sensitive rating info to ASN.1
OSB_LIB::DistTcsThis is the second part of a distance sensitive tariff classification system. It will determine the tariff zone applied to a <rated-origin, rated-destination> pair
OSB_DB::DistTcsGwDatabase interface for DistTcs
OSB_LIB::DontRoundA derived class of abstract base class RoundRule
OSB_LIB::E164E.164 connections
OSB_DB::E164GwDatabase interface of E164
OSB_LIB::E164ItemProduct item for E.164 resources
OSB_LIB::E164MapSupport efficient mapping E164 -> connection point
OSB_LIB::E164Map::LeafE164Map internal: Map a digit to a connection point
OSB_LIB::E164ResourceE.164 phone numbers as network resources
OSB_DB::E164ResourceGwDatabase gateway for OSB_LIB::E164Resource
OSB_LIB::EditStatusEdit status of objects
OSB_LIB::ErrListErrList, deal with the error message
OSB_LIB::ErrorStatsStatistics on errors in CDR
OSB_LIB::ErrorStats::LessErrorLexicographical comparison of BaseError
OSB_LIB::ErrRecordFileStore CDRs with errors in a file
OSB_LIB::ExtCharge2Asn1Convert ExternalCharge into ASN.1
OSB_LIB::ExtChargeInfoExternal information about the used service of a CDR
OSB_LIB::ExtChargeInfo2Asn1Convert ExtChargeInfo into ASN.1
OSB_LIB::ExtChargeList2Asn1Convert container of ExternalCharge into ASN.1
OSB_LIB::ExternalChargeExternal charges for a used service
OSB_LIB::ExternalTaxInformation about a tax applied by an external entity
OSB_LIB::ExtTax2Asn1Convert ExternalTax into ASN.1
OSB_LIB::ExtTaxList2Asn1Convert container of ExternalTax into ASN.1
OSB_LIB::FailPointForce exceptions or core dumps
OSB_LIB::FileBaseSupport for FILE*: base class
OSB_LIB::FileCdrInputSupport processing of file record streams
OSB_LIB::FileCdrStorageStore regular output CDRs in a file
OSB_LIB::FilterUsed to identify the filter
OSB_LIB::FilterCondConditions for the filter
OSB_LIB::FilterCondFactoryThis will create the filter condition objects
OSB_DB::FilterCondGwThis will perform all the database operation for filter condition
OSB_LIB::FilterCondsCointainer for the filter conditions
OSB_LIB::FilterExprFilter expressions
OSB_DB::FilterExprGwThis will perform all the database operation for filter expression
OSB_DB::FilterGwThis will perform all the database operations for filter
OSB_LIB::FilterManagerThis maintains all the objects (Filter, FilterVersion, FilterExpr and FilterCond) and managing the objects by inserting the new object, updating the existing object and removing the existing object
OSB_LIB::FilterVersionIt holds all the filter expression configured to this filter version and the corresponding filter action to be performed if the filter expression matches
OSB_DB::FilterVersionGwThis will perform all database operations for filter version
OSB_LIB::FractionFractions without rounding error
OSB_LIB::GlSummaryGeneral Ledger (GL) summary
OSB_LIB::GlSummary::GlAmountsHelper struct to keep both, credit and debit amounts
OSB_LIB::GreaterName< T, S >Descending sort of objects by name
OSB_LIB::GreaterName< T *, S >Descending sort of objects by name, specialization for pointers
OSB_LIB::GreaterStr< S >Template to sort 2 strings, optionally case-insensitive
OSB_LIB::GrpAccessAccess right for a user group
OSB_DB::GrpAccessGwDatabase gateway for group access rights
OSB_LIB::GrpAccessMapMap of group access rights
OSB_LIB::GrpAccessMap::KeyKey into the access map
OSB_LIB::GuardAutomatically perform actions when the object goes out of scope
OSB_LIB::Guard::CleanupBase class to perform the clean-up actions
OSB_LIB::Guard::GuardRefHelping structure to allow non-const copy of Guard
OSB_LIB::Id< T >Type-safe object identification
OSB_LIB::Id1InfoReader< NameList >Wrapper to NameListReader for object with Id<T> object ids
OSB_LIB::Id2< I >Type-safe object identification with 2 integer
OSB_LIB::Id2InfoReader< NameList >Wrapper to NameListReader for object with Id2<T> object ids
OSB_LIB::Id2ToAsn1Convert an Id2<T> to ASN.1
OSB_LIB::IdDate< I >
OSB_LIB::IdPeriod< I >
OSB_LIB::IdToAsn1Convert an Id<T> to ASN.1
OSB_LIB::ImsiResourceIMSI as network resource
OSB_LIB::IntervalBillcycleA billcycle implementation that works with billing intervals
OSB_LIB::InventoryPoolInventory pool: abstraction of warehouse
OSB_DB::InventoryPoolGwDatabase gateway to INVENTORY_POOL
OSB_LIB::InvoiceClass Invoice
OSB_LIB::InvoiceDirInvoiceDir is used to store invoices on the file system
OSB_DB::InvoicedirGwDatabase interface to invoice info
OSB_LIB::InvoiceInfoInvoiceInfo is used as container for the invoice data to be written to the database
OSB_LIB::Ip4AddressIP address resource with four parts format(x.x.x.x)
OSB_DB::Ip4AddressGwInterface to table IP4_ADDRESS
OSB_DB::IpAssignmentGwDatabase gateway for IpAssignments
OSB_LIB::IpAssignmentsAssignments of IP addresses to IP groups
OSB_LIB::IpAssignments::EntryAn entry in the IP assignment list
OSB_LIB::IpGroupGroup IP4 address resources
OSB_LIB::IpGroup::AssignedIp4Assignment of IP4 address to this IP group
OSB_DB::IpGroupGwInterface to table IP_GROUP
OSB_LIB::IpGroupItemProduct item for IP group resources
OSB_LIB::ItemMapClass ItemMap
OSB_LIB::ItemMap::IteratorIterator structure
OSB_LIB::ItemMap::Node1A node with only one leaf
OSB_LIB::ItemMap::NodeM< T >Contains leaves sorted by T
OSB_LIB::ItemMap::NodeM< T >::Iterator
OSB_LIB::LessName< T, S >Template to sort objects by name
OSB_LIB::LessName< T *, S >Template to sort objects by name, specialization for pointers
OSB_LIB::LessOid< T >
OSB_LIB::LessOid< T * >
OSB_LIB::LessStr< S >Template to sort 2 strings, optionally case-insensitive
OSB_LIB::ListMgrSingleton class to access the various global lists
OSB_LIB::ListMgr::DelInstanceClass to delete all list pointers
OSB_LIB::LogSingleton client to logging interface
OSB_LIB::LogBaseInterface definition for the logging implementation
OSB_LIB::LogBase::HeadFillerStructure to hold the filler for the line header
OSB_LIB::Long2Asn1Convert long to ASN.1
OSB_LIB::MappedCpTime period of a mapped connection point
OSB_LIB::MappedPartInfoAn object that keep the validity period of a cgi (cgi's part) and the corresponding connection point
OSB_LIB::MappedPartInfoListA list of mapped part info
OSB_LIB::MappingDistTcsMap call attributes to connection points and determine tariff class
OSB_DB::MappingDistTcsGwSupport database operations for OSB_LIB::MappingDistTcs
OSB_LIB::MatchingTreeA tree structure that is used to match a used service tuple to a system recognised service tuple
OSB_LIB::MatchingTree::LeafComponent that makes up the matching tree structure
OSB_LIB::MatchOid< T, Oid >Predicate to compare two objects by their object identifiers
OSB_LIB::MatchOid< T *, Oid >Predicate to compare two objects by their object identifiers: specialization for pointers
OSB_LIB::MidMonthBillcycleThis billcycle implementation splits each month into two intervals
OSB_LIB::ModAccessAccess right for a module
OSB_DB::ModAccessGwDatabase gateway for module access rights
OSB_LIB::ModAccessMapList of access rights for one module
OSB_LIB::ModuleInformation about an OSB module (application)
OSB_LIB::ModuleConfigManager of configurations
OSB_DB::ModuleGwDatabase gateway for OSB_MODULES
OSB_LIB::ModulesList of OSB modules
OSB_LIB::MoneyAn amount of a particular currency
OSB_LIB::Money2Asn1Convert Money into ASN.1
OSB_LIB::MoneyInfoInformation of the actual amount calculated and the charge traits applied
OSB_LIB::MoneyInfo2Asn1Convert MoneyInfo into ASN.1
OSB_LIB::MoneyInfoList2Asn1Convert MoneyInfoList into ASN.1
OSB_LIB::MsgCatSingleton class to provide access to OSB message texts
OSB_LIB::MsgCat::DestroyStructure to control deletion of MsgCat::instance_
OSB_LIB::MsgCat::InitStructure to control construction of MsgCat::instance_
OSB_LIB::MsrnToCpMap MSRN to connection point
OSB_LIB::MutexWrapper to a POSIX mutex
OSB_LIB::MutexUnlockUnlock a Mutex
OSB_LIB::NameList< Key, Comp >Name and description of OSB objects
OSB_LIB::NameList< Key, Comp >::EntryAn entry in NameList
OSB_DB::NameListGwStructure to fetch an id, name and description in a generic way from the database
OSB_LIB::NameListReaderSupport to read a NameList from the database
OSB_LIB::NameListReader::RowData for one row fetched from the database
OSB_LIB::NetworkInformation about a network
OSB_LIB::Network::NwAddrInfoInformation about network addresses
OSB_DB::NetworkAddressGwInterface to table NETWORK_ADDRESS
OSB_LIB::NetworkAddressInfoAddress information for a network or network element
OSB_LIB::NetworkAddressInfo::CodeStructure to hold one code and its default setting
OSB_LIB::NetworkElementInformation about a network element
OSB_DB::NetworkElementGwDatabase-gateway class for NetworkElement
OSB_DB::NetworkGwDatabase-gateway class for Network
OSB_LIB::NetworkManagerManager of all networks
OSB_LIB::NetworkToCpMap network as in Cdr::networkElementId to ConnectionPt
OSB_LIB::NormNwAddressNormalize network addresses
OSB_LIB::NormNwAddress::NpNotSupportedNumbering plan not supported
OSB_LIB::NumberAnalyzerNumberAnalyzer is an abstract base class that defines the functionalities that can be applied to analyze and modify the phone numbers in Cdr (called and calling numbers)
OSB_LIB::NumberAnalyzer01NumberAnalyzer01 is a concreate class that defines the functionalities needed to analyze and modify the phone numbers in Cdr (called and calling numbers)
OSB_DB::NumberAnalyzer01GwDatabase gateway for the class NumberAnalyzer01
OSB_LIB::NumberAnalyzerFactoryFactory for number analyzer
OSB_DB::NumberAnalyzerGwDatabase gateway for the class NumberAnalyzer
OSB_LIB::NumberAnalyzerListContainer for a list of number analyzer objects
OSB_LIB::NwAddressGeneral purpose network address
OSB_LIB::NwAddress2Asn1Convert NwAddress into ASN.1
OSB_LIB::NwAddrToCpMap NwAddress to ConnectionPt
OSB_LIB::NwElementToCpMap Cdr::networkElementId to ConnectionPt
OSB_LIB::ObjectBusyObject locked by another process in the database
OSB_LIB::ObjectDeletedThe object does no more exist in the database
OSB_LIB::ObjectModifiedThe version of this object is already out-dated
OSB_LIB::ObjectNotFoundThe searched object was not found
OSB_LIB::OnetimeChargeStructure for onetime charges
OSB_LIB::OnetimeChargeItemApplied one time charges for a contract
OSB_LIB::OrigCount2Asn1Convert Cdr::OrigCount into ASN.1
OSB_LIB::OrigCountList2Asn1Convert Cdr::OrigCountList into ASN.1
OSB_LIB::OsbBaseErrorOsbBaseError, abstract base class for all OSB errors
OSB_LIB::OsbErrArgs2Asn1Convert OSB error arguments into Asn.1
OSB_LIB::OsbErrorOsbError, OSB error messages and warnings
OSB_LIB::OsbError2Asn1Convert OsbError into Asn.1
OSB_LIB::OsbErrorsContainer for OsbError
OSB_LIB::OsbErrors2Asn1Convert OsbErrors into Asn.1
OSB_LIB::OsbExceptionOsbException, exceptions of OSB library
OSB_LIB::OsbUserUser of the OSB system
OSB_DB::OsbUserGwDatabase gateway class for OsbUser
OSB_DB::OtlDateTimeInterface class between database DATE types and OSB_LIB::Date or OSB_LIB::DateTime
OSB_DB::OtlIdInterface class between database INTEGER types and type safe object identifiers OSB_LIB::Id<T>
OSB_DB::OtlId2Utility class to handle nullable object identifiers OSB_LIB::Id2<T>
OSB_DB::OtlStringInterface class between nullable database strings and std::string
OSB_DB::OtlTypeInterface class between database INTEGER types and type safe object identifiers OSB_LIB::Type<T>
OSB_LIB::PcatLockMgrLock manager for the ProductCatalogue
OSB_LIB::PcatMgrSingleton class to designate a global ProductCatalogue
OSB_LIB::PeriodA time period, with a lower and upper boundary
OSB_LIB::Period::LessBinary predicate for less-comparision of two periods
OSB_LIB::Period::OverlapException if two Period overlap when less compared
OSB_LIB::PersAnAccess number resource as personalized items
OSB_LIB::PersCallingCardCalling card as personalized item
OSB_DB::PersCallingCardGwDatabase gateway for personalized calling cards
OSB_LIB::PersCreditCredit as personalized product item
OSB_DB::PersCreditGwDatabase-gateway class for PersCredit
OSB_LIB::PersDeviceDevices as subscribed product part
OSB_DB::PersDeviceGwSupport for database operations of pers. device
OSB_LIB::PersE164ItemE.164 resource as personalized item
OSB_LIB::PersIpGroupIP group resource as personalized items
OSB_LIB::PersPartModels the hierarchy of pers node and product node
OSB_LIB::PersProductContracted, personalized product
OSB_LIB::PersProductCacheCache for personalised products
OSB_LIB::PersProductCache::EntryChache entry for one pers. product
OSB_LIB::PersProductCache::KeyKey for the map resource -> pers. product id
OSB_LIB::PersProductCache::StatsStructure for cache statistics
OSB_DB::PersProductGwDatabase gateway for PERS_PRODCT, PERS_NODE and PERS_ITEM
OSB_LIB::PersProductItemPersonalized item of a product
OSB_LIB::PersProductItemsContainer for personalized product items
OSB_LIB::PersProductNodePersonalized nodes of a product
OSB_LIB::PersResourceResource as personalized product item
OSB_DB::PersResourceGwSupport database operations of OSB_LIB::PersResource
OSB_LIB::PersServicePers service keeps the personalization setting for a service
OSB_DB::PersServiceGwDatabase interface for PersService
OSB_LIB::PersTariffSystemTariffSystem as personalized product item
OSB_LIB::PersTrunkTrunk resource as personalized items
OSB_LIB::PersUimCardUIM card as parts of pers. products
OSB_DB::PersUimCardGwDatabase gateway for personalized UIM cards
OSB_LIB::PiTypeConversion between ProductItemBase::Type and enumerated values
OSB_DB::PricelistGwPricelistGw, database gateway to price list tables
OSB_LIB::PricelistItemProduct item to select a price list
OSB_DB::PricelistItemGwDatabase interface for PricelistItemGw
OSB_LIB::ProductOffered products
OSB_LIB::ProductCatalogueManager of product related classes
OSB_DB::ProductGwDatabase gateway class for product related classes
OSB_LIB::ProductItemAbstract base class for all components of a product
OSB_LIB::ProductItemBaseAbstract base class for product items and personalized product items
OSB_LIB::ProductItemFactoryFactory for product items
OSB_LIB::ProductItemTypesProvide information about product item type
OSB_LIB::ProductItemTypes::InfoStore information about a product item type
OSB_LIB::ProductNodeLink ProductItem to Product
OSB_LIB::PtrList< T, Cont >Support to store pointers in STL containters
OSB_LIB::RateCodeProvide reason for rating
OSB_DB::RateCodeGwDatabase interface for OSB_LIB::RateCode
OSB_LIB::RateCodesProvide list of rate codes
OSB_LIB::RatedPartyInformation about a party that should be rated for network usage
OSB_LIB::RatedParty2Asn1Convert RatedParty into ASN.1
OSB_LIB::RatedPartyEvalDetermine a rated party for network usage
OSB_LIB::RatedPartyTypeDescription of a rated party
OSB_LIB::RatedPartyTypesList of rated party types
OSB_LIB::RatedServiceRateable network service
OSB_DB::RatedServiceGwDatabase interface RatedService
OSB_LIB::RatingFnRatingFn is the object that actually rate a used service
OSB_LIB::RatingFnFactoryFactory for rating function
OSB_DB::RatingFnGwDatabase interface for RatingFn
OSB_LIB::RatingFnsContainer for a list of rating functions
OSB_LIB::RawCdrInformation about errors in raw CDR records
OSB_LIB::RawCdr2Asn1Convert the RawCdr2Asn1 into ASN.1
ReadGuardDeclaration of the template class ReadGuard
OSB_LIB::ReadGuard< T * >Guard a locked pointer
OSB_LIB::ReadGuard< T * >::ReadGuardRefHelping structure to allow non-const copy construction of a ReadGuard<T*>
OSB_LIB::RecordSourceIt contains the record source informations
OSB_DB::RecordSourceGwThis will perform all the database operations for RecordSource
OSB_LIB::RecordStreamEnumerations for record streams
OSB_LIB::RecordStreamFilterFilter for the record streams
OSB_DB::RecordStreamGwThis will perform all the database operation for RecordStream
OSB_LIB::RecordStreamInfoThis contains the information about the record stream
OSB_LIB::RecordStreamInfo::InvalidOidObject ids do not match
OSB_LIB::RecordStreamInfo::InvalidSourceRecord source is not valid
OSB_LIB::RecordStreamsList of record streams
OSB_LIB::RegAsn1CdrPrintRegister decoder functions for Cdr related ASN.1 data
OSB_LIB::RegAsn1ZtePrintRegister decoder functions for ZTE CDR ASN.1 data
OSB_LIB::RequestHandlerProcess status requests of contract related entities
OSB_LIB::RequestHandler::TrackerTrack who is being processed by the request handler
OSB_LIB::RequestLinkInfoIdentification of a contractual entity
OSB_LIB::RequestLinksList of contractual entity ids
OSB_LIB::ResourceResources: Network access and user identification
OSB_LIB::ResourceCacheApplication interface to cache the relationship between resources and the details of a rated party
OSB_DB::ResourceGwAccess to table NETWORK_RESOURCE
OSB_LIB::ResourceItemResource as product item
OSB_LIB::ResourceKeyReal-life unique identification of the resource
OSB_LIB::ResourceList< R >List of resources of a concrete type
OSB_LIB::ResourceListsContainer for resources
OSB_LIB::RfSlotRate by total volume
OSB_DB::RfSlotGwDatabase interface for RfSlot
OSB_LIB::RfStairCase::ChargeA structure for storing configuration of stair case specific rating charges
OSB_DB::RfStairCaseGwDatabase interface for RfStairCase
OSB_LIB::RoundRuleAbstract base class for round rule
OSB_LIB::RoundRuleFactoryFactory for round rule
OSB_DB::RoundRuleGwDatabase-gateway class for RoundRule
OSB_LIB::RoundRuleListManager of RoundRules, implemented as a singleton
OSB_LIB::RoundUpA derived class of abstract base class RoundRule
OSB_LIB::RpeInTrunkRated party evaluator: incoming trunk group
OSB_LIB::RpeOutTrunkRated party evaluator: outgoing trunk group
OSB_LIB::RpeServedImsiRated party evaluator: served party IMSI
OSB_LIB::RpeServedNwAddrRated party evaluator: served party network address
OSB_LIB::RpEvalFactoryFactory for rated party evaluators
OSB_LIB::RpEvalFixedTsRated party evaluator: fixed tariff system
OSB_DB::RpEvalGwDatabase gateway for rated party evaluators
OSB_LIB::RpEvalMgrList of rateable parties
OSB_LIB::RpEvalMgr::EvalExistsDuplicate evaluation of rated party
OSB_LIB::RpEvalMgr::ModInfoStructure to track the object version and edit status by network element
OSB_LIB::RpEvalTrunkRated party evaluator for trunk groups: base class
OSB_LIB::RpEvalTypeConversion between RatedPartyEval::Type and enumerated values
OSB_LIB::RpEvalUsgMapTiny wrapper to RpEvalMgr::UsgEvalMap
OSB_LIB::RwGuardGuard a RwMutex
OSB_LIB::RwGuard::RwGuardRefHelping structure to allow non-const copy of RwGuard
OSB_LIB::RwMutexRead-Write mutex
OSB_LIB::RwShared< T >Protect a shared object with a RwMutex
OSB_LIB::RwShared< T * >Protect a shared object with a RwMutex
OSB_LIB::ScanDirScan a directory
OSB_LIB::ScanDir::SelectSelect directory entries
OSB_LIB::ScFilterService class filter condition
OSB_DB::ScFilterGwThis will perform all the database operation for ScFilter
OSB_LIB::ScsVersionService class system version is used to group service classes
OSB_DB::ScsVersionGwDatabase interface ScsVersion
OSB_LIB::ScSystemService class system is used to group service classes
OSB_DB::ScSystemGwDatabase interface for ScSystem
OSB_LIB::ServedParty2Asn1Convert ServedParty into ASN.1
OSB_LIB::ServedPartyToCpMap Cdr::ServedParty::address_ to ConnectionPt
OSB_LIB::ServiceClassService class is used to identify the tariff class applicable in order to rate the used service
OSB_DB::ServiceClassGwDatabase interface ServiceClass
OSB_LIB::ServiceElementServiceElement represents the "actual network service"
OSB_LIB::ServiceElement2Asn1Convert ServiceElement into ASN.1
OSB_DB::ServiceElementGwDatabase interface ServiceElement
OSB_LIB::ServiceItemService item keeps the available services (service tuple) to a product
OSB_DB::ServiceItemGwDatabase interface for ServiceItem
OSB_LIB::ServiceTupleServiceTuple represents a combination of ServiceElement
OSB_LIB::ServiceTuple2Asn1Convert ServiceTuple into ASN.1
OSB_DB::SessionClass Session provides thread-safe database connection and transaction control
OSB_DB::SessionCtrlHelper class to initialize OTL
OSB_LIB::SeTreeService element tree represents the hierarchy of the available service elements
OSB_LIB::SettingThis class handles osb setting
OSB_LIB::Shared< T >Protect a shared resource with a Mutex
OSB_LIB::Shared< T * >Protect a pointer to a shared resource with a Mutex
OSB_LIB::SoftviewCdrStruct SoftviewCdr
OSB_LIB::SoftviewProcessorClass Softview reporter
OSB_DB::SoftviewProcessorGwClass SoftviewProcessorGw
OSB_LIB::SpecialDateStoring info about date definition
OSB_DB::SpecialDateGwDatabase interface SpecialDate
OSB_LIB::StandardTaxCompute tax as a percentage
OSB_LIB::StatusStatus of Associate and contracted entities
OSB_LIB::StatusChangeEffective activation status
OSB_LIB::StatusChange::GeValidFromPredicate: compare status requests by >= validFrom()
OSB_DB::StatusChangeGwStatusChangeGw, access to STATUS_CHANGE
OSB_LIB::StatusChangesList of status changes
OSB_LIB::StatusChanges::CmpStructure to sort the status requests
OSB_LIB::StatusReasonReason for a status change
OSB_DB::StatusReasonGwStatusReasonGw, access to table STATUS_REASON
OSB_LIB::StatusReasonsList of status reasons
OSB_LIB::StatusRequestPreferred activation status
OSB_LIB::StatusRequest::GeValidFromPredicate: compare status requests by >= validFrom()
OSB_DB::StatusRequestGwDatabase gateway to STATUS_REQUEST and related tables/views
OSB_LIB::StatusRequestsList of status requests
OSB_LIB::StatusRequests::CmpStructure to sort the status requests
OSB_LIB::StopwatchA stopwatch to measure elapsed and system time
OSB_LIB::Stopwatch::SwsStructure to store information from times()
OSB_LIB::StrCmp< S >Template to compare 2 strings, optionally case-insensitive
OSB_LIB::String2Asn1Convert std::string to ASN.1
OSB_LIB::SubsChargeStructure for subscription charges
OSB_LIB::SubsItemSubscription charge invoice item
OSB_LIB::SumCdr01Summary call details record for SumCdr type 1
OSB_LIB::SumCdr01::GroupingInfoStructure for grouping info
OSB_LIB::SumCdr01DetailClass to handle SumCdr01 cdr
OSB_DB::SumCdr01GwDatabase interface SumCdr01
OSB_LIB::SumCdr01ItemSumCdr01 item
OSB_LIB::SumCdr01KeySumCdr01 Key. This object is used to be the key for the grouping criteria of SumCdr01. It will be used when the billing application wants to regroup base on the output of the invoice
OSB_LIB::SumCdr01ListThis object is responsible to handle type 1 summary call detail records list
OSB_DB::SumCdrGwDatabase gateway for the class SumCdr
OSB_LIB::SumCdrListThis object is responsible to handle summary call details records
OSB_LIB::SummaryChargesSummary Charges of an invoice
OSB_LIB::TariffTariff of a tariff class, tariff period pair
OSB_LIB::TariffCatalogueOSB_LIB::TariffCatalogue: manager of all tariff objects
OSB_LIB::TariffClassA grouping of distance and service dependencies
OSB_DB::TariffClassGwDatabase interface for tariff class
OSB_DB::TariffGwDatabase interface for Tariff
OSB_LIB::TariffInfo2Asn1Convert tariff info as contained in UsedService to ASN.1
OSB_LIB::TariffObjectBase class for tariff objects
OSB_LIB::TariffPeriodClass tariff period
OSB_DB::TariffPeriodGwDatabase interface TariffPeriod
OSB_LIB::TariffSystemTariff System used to determine rate for a call party
OSB_LIB::TariffSystem::AuthenTypeReturn type of the authentication process
OSB_DB::TariffSystemGwDatabase interface for all tariff system
OSB_LIB::TariffSystemItemProduct item to select a tariff system
OSB_LIB::TariffZoneDistance-sensitive grouping of one or more origin and destination pairs
OSB_DB::TariffZoneGwGateway for the class tariff zone
OSB_LIB::TaxAbstract base for all tax rules
OSB_LIB::TaxAmountInstances of TaxAmount hold taxes for one tax
OSB_DB::TaxGwDatabase-gateway for Tax
OSB_LIB::TaxKeyTaxKey models bookkeeping tax keys
OSB_DB::TaxKeyGwDatabase-gateway class for TaxKey and TaxKeyList
OSB_LIB::TaxKeyListManager of TaxKeys
OSB_LIB::TaxTraitsTaxTraits is a data class holding relevant billing information for tax amounts other than the actual tax amount
OSB_DB::TaxTraitsGwDatabase-gateway class for TaxTraits
OSB_LIB::TcatLockManagerProvide guard manager for 5 group objects
OSB_LIB::TcatLockManager::UnlockAllUnlock all mutexs held by the lock manager
OSB_LIB::TcatMgrThe TariffCatalogue used by the OSB library
OSB_LIB::TcatReadMonitorInterface to track the progress while reading the tariff catalogue
OSB_LIB::TcFilterTariff class filter condition
OSB_DB::TcFilterGwThis will perform all the database operation for TcFilter
OSB_LIB::TcInfo2Asn1Convert tariff class info to ASN.1
OSB_LIB::TcsVersionAbstract class that serves as the base of all tariff classification system
OSB_LIB::TcsVersionFactoryFactory for TcsVersion objects
OSB_DB::TcsVersionGwDatabase interface for TcsVersion
OSB_LIB::TcsVersionsContainer for a list of tariff classification system version
OSB_LIB::TcSystemTariff classification system
OSB_DB::TcSystemGwDatabase interface for TcSystem
OSB_LIB::TfVersionTariff version object that holds a collection of rating functions
OSB_DB::TfVersionGwDatabase interface for tariff version
OSB_LIB::TheAddressTypeListSingleton class to designate a global AddressTypeList
OSB_LIB::TheApplicableTaxesSingleton class to designate the global ApplicableTaxes
OSB_LIB::TheBillcycleFactoryFactory for billcycle
OSB_LIB::TheNetworkManagerSingleton class to designate a global NetworkManager
OSB_LIB::TheStatusReasonsSingleton class to designate a global StatusReasons
OSB_LIB::TheTaxTraitsListSingleton class to designate a global TaxTraitsList
OSB_LIB::TimeTime class
OSB_LIB::TimeZoneCalculates the difference between the localtime and GMT
OSB_LIB::TimeZone::IntervalInterval for the timezone object
OSB_LIB::TimeZone::UndefinedThe timezone is undefined
OSB_DB::TmpGlSumGwDatabase Gateway for TMP_GLSUM table
OSB_LIB::ToBillDetermine contracts to bill
OSB_DB::ToBillGwToBillGw, database-gateway for OSB_LIB::ToBill
OSB_LIB::ToCfgBaseBase class for tariff objects with a configuration status
OSB_LIB::ToCfgPeriodBaseBase class for tariff objects with a configuration status and a release period
OSB_LIB::ToCfgTsBaseBase class for tariff objects with a configuration status and a release timestamp
OSB_LIB::ToNameOnlyBase class for tariff objects with name only
OSB_LIB::TotalItemClass TotalItem
OSB_LIB::ToVersionBase class for tariff object versions
OSB_LIB::ToVs2Asn1Convert a tariff object version to ASN.1
OSB_LIB::TpsConfigConfiguration of a TpsVersion
OSB_LIB::TpsVersionClass TpsVersion
OSB_DB::TpsVersionGwDatabase interface TpsVersion
OSB_LIB::TpSystemSystems to determine the tariff period of a network usage
OSB_DB::TpSystemGwDatabase interface TpSystem
OSB_LIB::TransactionStructure for each member of transaction list
OSB_DB::TrunkAssignmentGwDatabase gateway for assignment of trunk groups to resources
OSB_LIB::TrunkGroupInformation about a trunk group
OSB_DB::TrunkGroupGwDatabase-gateway class for TrunkGroup
OSB_LIB::TrunkItemProduct item for trunk resources
OSB_LIB::TrunkResourceGroup trunk groups
OSB_LIB::TrunkResource::AssignedTrunkAssignment of trunk group to this trunk resource
OSB_DB::TrunkResourceGwInterface to table TRUNK_RESOURCE
OSB_DB::TsItemGwDatabase-gateway class for tariff systems
OSB_LIB::TsVersionTariff system versions
OSB_DB::TsVersionGwDatabase interface ServiceClass
OSB_LIB::TypeId< T, ST >Type-safe type identifiers
OSB_LIB::TzConfigTariff zone configuration
OSB_DB::TzConfigGwDatabase gateway for the class TzConfig
OSB_LIB::UdrCommon base for all kinds of usage details records
OSB_LIB::UimCardSupport for UIM cards: User Identity Module
OSB_LIB::UimCardFilterFilter for UIM cards
OSB_DB::UimCardGwDatabase gateway: support for UIM cards
OSB_LIB::UimCardListList of UIM cards
OSB_DB::UnitGwDatabase gateway to table UNIT
OSB_LIB::UnitListList of units
OSB_LIB::UsageDetailBaseUsage detail base class
OSB_LIB::UsageItemBaseUsage Item base class
OSB_LIB::UsageMappingDefine mapping of usage type to origin and destination
OSB_LIB::UsagerecordOSB usage record type
OSB_LIB::UsagerecordDetailClass to handle Usagerecord cdr
OSB_DB::UsagerecordGwUsage record database gateway
OSB_LIB::UsagerecordItemUsagerecord item
OSB_LIB::UsagerecordsContainer to hold the usage records of a contract
OSB_LIB::UsageTypeConversion between Cdr::UsageType and symbolic constants
OSB_DB::UsageTypeGwRead access to table USAGE_RECORD_TYPE
OSB_LIB::UsageTypeListProvide usage type information from database
OSB_LIB::UsageTypeList::InfoStore information about a usage type
OSB_LIB::UsedServiceUsed service contains the services used by the user
OSB_LIB::UsedService2Asn1Convert UsedService into ASN.1
OSB_LIB::UsedServices2Asn1Convert UsedServices into ASN.1
OSB_LIB::UserGroupOSB user group
OSB_DB::UserGroupGwDatabase gateway for OSB_LIB::UserGroup
OSB_LIB::UserGroupsList of user groups
OSB_LIB::UserMgmtCfgManagement of OSB modules, users, groups and access rights
OSB_LIB::UserMgmtCfg::DestroyStructure to control deletion of UserMgmtCfg::instance_
OSB_LIB::UsersList of users
WriteGuardDeclaration of the template class WriteGuard
OSB_LIB::WriteGuard< T * >Write guard a locked pointer
OSB_LIB::WriteGuard< T * >::WriteGuardRefHelping structure to allow non-const copy construction of a WriteGuard<T*>

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