OSB_LIB::FilterCondFactory Class Reference

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This will create the filter condition objects.

Definition at line 2031 of file filter.h.

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static FilterCond::AutoPtr OSB_LIB::FilterCondFactory::create ( FilterType  ft,
const FilterCond::Oid oid,
long  targetId = 0,
OperatorType  op = otUnknown 
) [static]

Creates filter condition based on filter type.

oid Identifier for filter condition.
ft Type of filter.
targetId Target value for the filter condition.
op Operator for the filter condition.
Pointer to the filter condition object.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend struct FilterCondGw [friend]

This is used to get the filter condition type to create the filter condition object.

Definition at line 2037 of file filter.h.

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