OSB Library File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
accessnumber-gw.h [code]Database gateway for access number related classes
accessnumber.h [code]Access number resource
account-gw.h [code]Accounting Related Gateway Objects
account.h [code]Accounting related classes
accountar-gw.h [code]AccountAr Related Gateway Objects
accountar.h [code]Accounting Interface for AR
address-gw.h [code]Database gateway for addresses
address.h [code]Support for addresses
amount.h [code]OSB library, Amount, Subtotal and related classes
anclist.h [code]List of associates, manager for associates and contracts
appltaxes.h [code]Manage applicable taxes in the billing application
asn1.h [code]Support for ASN.1: general
asn1cdrprint.h [code]ASN.1 decoder functions related to Cdr
asn1decode.h [code]ASN.1 decoder base classes and general ASN.1 data decoders
asn1encode.h [code]ASN.1 encoder base class and general ASN.1 data encoders
asn1fwd.h [code]Forward declarations of ASN.1 types and classes in asn1.h
asn1print.h [code]Convert ASN.1 data to (meaningful) strings
asn1reader.h [code]Support to read and parse ASN.1 data
asn1tagdes.h [code]Description and decoding of ASN.1 tags
asn1tagid.h [code]ASN.1 tag values for top-level records
asn1writer.h [code]Support to encode and write ASN.1 data
asn1zteprint.h [code]ASN.1 decoder functions related to ZTE CDR
asr-gw.h [code]Class AsrGw
asrprocessor.h [code]Class Asr, AsrProcessor
associate-gw.h [code]Database gateway for associate related classes
associate.h [code]Associates: OSB business partners
backdatedobject-gw.h [code]This class provides functionalities to insert and fetch back-dating objects
backdatedobject.h [code]This class provides functionalities to insert back-dated tariff object
balancesheet-gw.h [code]Database gateway of balance sheets and pages
balancesheet.h [code]BalanceSheet class, one-time and advance charges structures
billcycle-gw.h [code]OSB library, database layer for billcycle implementations
billcycle.h [code]Billcycle determines which contracts to bill
billingxml.h [code]Class BillingXml provides XML writers for billing classes
billrunlog-gw.h [code]BILLRUN_LOG table Gateway Object
bsstorage.h [code]Support for rating application: Assign CDR to balance sheets
callaccounting-gw.h [code]This class provides functionalities to add and remove processing status information to the database
callaccounting.h [code]This class provides functionalities to add and subtract processing status information to the database
callback.h [code]Abstract base for call back objects
callingcard-gw.h [code]Calling cards: database interface
callingcard.h [code]Calling card as product part
catlock-gw.h [code]Gateway to temporary lock a catalogue while it is being read
cdr.h [code]CDR class
cdrasn1.h [code]Support for the standard OSB Cdr and the sub-types
cdrfile.h [code]Support for CDR input and output file
cdrio.h [code]Handle CDR files of balance pages
cdrioimpl.h [code]Implementation of OSB_LIB::CdrIo
cdrlist.h [code]Wrapper around STL-container for OSB_LIB::Cdr
cdrpostprocessor.h [code]Class CdrPostProcessor,
cdrstorage.h [code]Base class to handle CDR output of OSB modules
cdrtags.h [code]Values for ASN.1 tags of OSB_LIB::Cdr
cgi-gw.h [code]Support for GSM CGI: database interface
cgi.h [code]Support for GSM CGI (Cell Global Identity)
chargetraits-gw.h [code]Database gateway for ChargeTraits and TaxTraits
chargetraits.h [code]The classes define the traits of any amounts generated by the OSB library
chrono.h [code]Support for date and time
configuration-gw.h [code]OSB library, database-gateway for Configuration
configuration.h [code]OSB library for Configuration
connectionpt-gw.h [code]Network connection points: database interface
connectionpt.h [code]Abstraction of network connection points
contract-gw.h [code]Database gateway for contract related classes
contract.h [code]Contracts: network usage agreements
countryinfo-gw.h [code]Map network addresses to countries: database interface
countryinfo.h [code]Map network addresses to countries
cpmapper-gw.h [code]Database gateway for CpMapping classes
cpmapper.h [code]Map Cdr attributes to connection points
cptree.h [code]Tree of connection points
credit-gw.h [code]Database gateway for credit related classes
credit.h [code]This file contains classes associated with credit. It models credit which related to any prepaid resources
currencybook-gw.h [code]CurrencyBook gateway object
dberror.h [code]Exception class for database errors
dbsession.h [code]OSB database access
decimal.h [code]Decimal numbers without rounding errors
device-gw.h [code]Database gateway to DEVICE
device.h [code]Devices: equipment and articles with a serial number
deviceitem-gw.h [code]Database gateway for OSB_LIB::DeviceItem
deviceitem.h [code]Devices as part of products
devicetype.h [code]Conversion between Device::Type and enumerated values
e164-gw.h [code]Support for E164 phone numbers: database interface
e164.h [code]Support for E164 phone numbers
e164item.h [code]E.164 resources as part of products and personalized products
e164map.h [code]Mapping of E164 numbers
e164resource-gw.h [code]Database gateway for OSB_LIB::E164Resource
e164resource.h [code]E.164 phone numbers as network resources
errorstat.h [code]Statistics on errors in CDR
errrecordfile.h [code]Store CDRs with errors in a file
filecdrinput.h [code]Support processing of file record streams
filecdrstorage.h [code]Store regular output CDRs in a file
filter-gw.h [code]CDR filters: database interface
filter.h [code]Define and manage filter for CDRs
fraction.h [code]Fraction arithemtics operations
guard.h [code]Guards: perform action if an object goes out of scope
imsiresource.h [code]IMSI as network resource
inventorypool-gw.h [code]Database gateway to INVENTORY_POOL
inventorypool.h [code]Inventory pool: abstraction of warehouse
invoice.h [code]OSB library, Invoice, InvoiceItem
invoicedir-gw.h [code]OSB library, Invoice info database gateway object
invoicedir.h [code]This file contains classes associated with invoice storage
ipaddress-gw.h [code]Database gateway for IP address related classes
ipaddress.h [code]IP address resource
ipassignment-gw.h [code]Database gateway for OSB_LIB::IpAssignments
ipassignment.h [code]Assignment of IP addresses to IP groups
modules-gw.h [code]Database gateway for OSB_MODULES
modules.h [code]Information about OSB modules (applications)
money.h [code]Contains Money, Currency, CurrencyBook classes
mutex.h [code]Read-Write mutexes
namelist-gw.h [code]Database gateway to fetch object id, name and description
namelist.h [code]Name and description of objects (instances of classes)
namelistfwd.h [code]Forward declaration of template class OSB_LIB::NameList
network-gw.h [code]Database gateway for network, network element and trunk group
network.h [code]Networks, network elements and trunks
networktocp.h [code]Map networks and network elements to connection points
normnwaddress.h [code]Normalize network addresses
numberanalyzer-gw.h [code]Database gateway for the class NumberAnalyzer
numberanalyzer.h [code]Analyze the phone number in a Cdr
numberanalyzer01-gw.h [code]Database interface for OSB_LIB::NumberAnalyzer01
numberanalyzer01.h [code]Number analyzer implemented based on China Motion requirement
numberanalyzerfactory.h [code]Factory class to create number analyzer object
nwaddress.h [code]Mapping of real-life network addresses to connection points
nwaddresstocp.h [code]Map network addresses to connection points
osbaccess-gw.h [code]Access rights for OSB: database gateway
osbaccess.h [code]Acess rights for OSB
osbbtea.h [code]OSB encryption and decryption
osbcfgfile.h [code]win.ini like configuration file
osbconst.h [code]OSB library constants that do not really fit anywhere else
osberror.h [code]OSB error handling
osberrors.h [code]Wrapper around STL container of OsbError
osbfail.h [code]Force exceptions and core dumps
osbfileutil.h [code]Utilities for file and directory handling
osbid.h [code]Type-safe object identification
osblistmgr.h [code]Manager of the global objects lists used by the OSB library
osblog.h [code]Client interface for a logging facility
osbmsgcat.h [code]Access to OSB error message texts
osbptrlist.h [code]Support to store pointers in STL containters
osbtype.h [code]Type-safe object types
osbunit-gw.h [code]Database-gateway for OSB_LIB::Unit
osbunit.h [code]Support for units
osbuser-gw.h [code]Database gateway for OSB_LIB::OsbUser
osbuser.h [code]OSB users
osbusrgrp-gw.h [code]Database gateway for OSB_LIB::UserGroup
osbusrgrp.h [code]User groups: define access rights for one module
osbutils.h [code]Common data types and utility functions for the OSB library
osbxml.h [code]Write XML to ostream
otl.h [code]OTL and its configuration and helpers
otltype.h [code]OTL support for OSB_LIB::Type
period.h [code]Support for periods
persitem.h [code]PersProductItem: variable part of pers. product parts
persitems.h [code]Wrapper to STL container for pers. product items
persproduct-gw.h [code]Gateway for PersProduct and PersProductNode
persproduct.h [code]Personalized (contracted) product and product nodes
persproductcache.h [code]Caching for PersProduct pointer
persuimcard.h [code]UIM card as parts of pers. products
plitem-gw.h [code]Database gateway for price list item related classes
plitem.h [code]This file contains classes associated with price list which related to any product
pricelist-gw.h [code]OSB library, database gateway for pricelist classes
pricelist.h [code]OSB library, Pricelist: definition of OSB charges
product-gw.h [code]Database gateway for product related classes
product.h [code]Product related classes
productcat.h [code]ProductCatalogue and its lock manager
productitem.h [code]ProductItem: change part of products
productitemfactory.h [code]Create product items from type id
productitemtype.h [code]Conversion between ProductItemBase::Type and an enum constant
ratedparty.h [code]Information about a party that should be rated for network usage
ratedpartytype-gw.h [code]Database interface for rated party type
ratedpartytype.h [code]Rated party type: identification of a rateble party
ratedservice-gw.h [code]Database gateway for OSB_LIB::RatedService
ratedservice.h [code]Rateable services, i.e., services that are part of tariff systems
ratingfn-gw.h [code]Rating functions: database interface
ratingfn.h [code]Rating functions: convert call volumes <-> money
rawcdr.h [code]Base class for raw CDRs, i.e., as received from the network
rcsid.h [code]Define a RCS id string
recordstream-gw.h [code]RecordSourceGw and RecordStreamGw class
recordstream.h [code]RecordSource and RecordStreamInfo class
recordstreamdef.h [code]Definitions for record streams
recordstreams.h [code]List of record streams
requesthandler.h [code]Process status requests of contract related entities
resource-gw.h [code]Database gateway for resources
resource.h [code]Resources: Network access and user identification
resourcecache.h [code]Interface to determine the rated party details
resourcefwd.h [code]Common classes related to OSB_LIB::Resource
resourceitem-gw.h [code]Support database operations of OSB_LIB::PersResource
resourceitem.h [code]Resources as part of products and pers. products
resourcelists.h [code]Cache for resources
roundrule-gw.h [code]Database gateway for RoundRule related classes
roundrule.h [code]RoundRule class derived classes and functions
rpeval-gw.h [code]Rated party evaluation: database interface
rpeval.h [code]Determine a rated party for network usage
rpevalfactory.h [code]Factory for OSB_LIB::RatedPartyEval
rpevalmgr.h [code]Rating configuration: list of rateable parties
rpevalserved.h [code]Rated party evaluators for OSB_LIB::Cdr::ServedParty
rpevaltrkgrp.h [code]Rated party evaluators for trunk groups
rpevalts.h [code]Rated party evaluator: fixed tariff system
rpevaltype.h [code]Conversion between RatedPartyEval::Type and an enumeration constant
section.h [code]Classify invoice items into sections
service-gw.h [code]Database interface for network services
service.h [code]This file contains classes associated with service
serviceclass-gw.h [code]Service classifiction: database interface
serviceclass.h [code]Service related tariff objects
serviceitem-gw.h [code]Database interface for services as product part
serviceitem.h [code]Network service as product part and personalized product part
setting.h [code]Handling for osb setting such as username, password..
softviewprocessor-gw.h [code]Class SoftviewProcessorGw
softviewprocessor.h [code]Class SoftviewProcessor
status-gw.h [code]OSB library, database-gateway for Status related classes
status.h [code]Status of associates, contracts, personalized products and personalized product parts
statuschange-gw.h [code]Database interface to STATUS_CHANGE
statuschange.h [code]Status change: effective activation status of a contract entity
statusrequest-gw.h [code]Database gateway to STATUS_REQUEST and related tables/views
statusrequest.h [code]StatusRequest: change preferred activation status
stopwatch.h [code]Measure elapsed user and system time
stringutil.h [code]Utilities for string manipulation
subsfunc.h [code]Charging of subscription fees
sumcdr-gw.h [code]Database operations for summary call details records
sumcdr.h [code]Classes related to summary call details records
tariff-gw.h [code]Charges for network usage: database interface
tariff.h [code]Define and apply charges for network usage
tariffcatalogue.h [code]OSB_LIB::TariffCatalogue: manager of all tariff objects
tariffclass-gw.h [code]Network usage classification: database interface
tariffclass.h [code]Network usage classification
tariffobject.h [code]Base classes for tariff objects
tariffperiod-gw.h [code]Tariff periods: database interface
tariffperiod.h [code]Tariff period related classes
tariffsystem-gw.h [code]Database interface for tariff system classes
tariffsystem.h [code]Tariff system related classes declaration
tax-gw.h [code]Database-gateway for Tax and derived classes
tax.h [code]Taxes and tax lists
taxkey-gw.h [code]Database gateway for TaxKey and TaxKeyList
taxkey.h [code]Tax key related classes
tcatlockmanager.h [code]TcatLockManager class
tcatmgr.h [code]Global tariff catalogue manager
tcatutils.h [code]Utilities around the tariff catalogue
tcdist-gw.h [code]Database support for classes defined in tcdist.h
tcdist.h [code]Support for distance sensitive rating
timezone-gw.h [code]Support for time zones: database interface
timezone.h [code]Support for time zones
tobill-gw.h [code]Contracts to bill: database interface
tobill.h [code]Determine contracts to bill
trunkassignment-gw.h [code]Database gateway for assignment of trunk groups to resources
trunkresource-gw.h [code]Database gateway for trunk resources, items and pers. items
trunkresource.h [code]Link trunk groups to product and personalized products
tsitem-gw.h [code]Database gateway for tariff system item related classes
tsitem.h [code]This file contains classes associated with tariff system which related to any personalized product
uimcard-gw.h [code]Database gateway: support for UIM cards
uimcard.h [code]Support for UIM cards: User Identity Module
uimcardlist.h [code]List of UIM cards
usagerecord-gw.h [code]Usage record database gateway functionality
usagerecord.h [code]Definition of the OSB usage record type
usagetype-gw.h [code]Read access to table USAGE_RECORD_TYPE
usagetype.h [code]Defines the different network usage types supported by OSB
usermgmt.h [code]Management of OSB modules, users and access rights

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