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ServiceTuple represents a combination of ServiceElement.

Every ServiceTuple consists of a combination of ServiceElement. The ServiceElement is kept in a sequence. Every ServiceElement has their own prioriy in the sequence. Priority is useful when it comes to rating later.

Definition at line 364 of file service.h.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

OSB_LIB::ServiceTuple::ServiceTuple (  ) 

Empty default constructor.

OSB_LIB::ServiceTuple::ServiceTuple ( const ServiceElements ses  )  [explicit]

Constructor with service elements.

ses A vector of service element that make up a service tuple.

OSB_LIB::ServiceTuple::ServiceTuple ( const ServiceElement se  )  [explicit]

Constructor to with one service element.

se First (and only) service element of the tuple.
This constructor adds se to the list of service elements.

OSB_LIB::ServiceTuple::ServiceTuple ( ServiceElement::ServiceType  type,
ServiceElement::ServiceCode  code 

Constructor that creates one service element.

type Service code of the only service element.
code Service type of the only service element.
This constructor creates a service element and adds it the list of service elements.

The object id of the service tuple and both ids in the generated service element are not set.

Member Function Documentation

bool OSB_LIB::ServiceTuple::operator== ( const ServiceTuple rhs  )  const

Compare service elements for equality.

The comparsion does not include the object ids of the service elements.

const ServiceElements& OSB_LIB::ServiceTuple::serviceElements (  )  const

Retrieve the ServiceElements_ in this object.

Member Data Documentation

ServiceElements OSB_LIB::ServiceTuple::serviceElements_ [private]

Combination of 'actual network service' that is to be represented by the service tuple.

Definition at line 426 of file service.h.

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