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Container for call accounting results.

Definition at line 369 of file callaccounting.h.

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typedef std::set<ModuleId> OSB_LIB::CaResults::Modules

Short-hand for a set of modules.

Definition at line 372 of file callaccounting.h.

typedef std::map<RsId, CaStreamResult> OSB_LIB::CaResults::Results

STL container to store all call accounting results.

It only contains streams added with add() or read().

Definition at line 379 of file callaccounting.h.

Member Function Documentation

const CaStreamResult& OSB_LIB::CaResults::add ( const CaStreamResult caRes  ) 

Add the call accounting of one record stream.

caRes The call accounting of a record stream to add,
it should be read from the database (see CaStreamResult::read()) before calling this function.
The call accounting result for rdId.
See also:

void OSB_LIB::CaResults::clear (  ) 

Clear the contents of results_ and modules_.

const Modules& OSB_LIB::CaResults::modules (  )  const

Get a list of all modules in results_;.

const CaStreamResult& OSB_LIB::CaResults::read ( const OSB_DB::Session session,
const RsId rsId 

Read call accounting of one record stream from database and add (or replace) to results_.

session Database session to use.
rsId Id of the record stream to query, it should be an incoming record stream (else no rows will be selected).
The call accounting result for rdId.

bool OSB_LIB::CaResults::result ( CaModuleResult modRes  )  const

Get call accounting results for a module.

modRes Module result to populate.
true if any entries were added to modRes, else false.

const CaStreamResult& OSB_LIB::CaResults::result ( const RsId rsId  ) 

Call accounting results for a record stream.

const Results& OSB_LIB::CaResults::results (  )  const

Call accounting results by record stream.

Member Data Documentation

Modules OSB_LIB::CaResults::modules_ [private]

List of all modules in results_.

Definition at line 430 of file callaccounting.h.

Results OSB_LIB::CaResults::results_ [private]

Call accounting results by record stream.

Definition at line 428 of file callaccounting.h.

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